Lend Us Your Ear (LUYE) keeps Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) among the critical solutions for Haywood County’s free-roaming cats. Improved health is outshined only by the thousands of unplanned litters avoided through sterilization, the first step in animal wellness.

Spay/neuter is the most requested service sought by callers, followed by help for parasite control and then cat food requests to feed large colonies. In a typical week, LUYE sterilizes and vaccinates up to 10 outdoor cats. We look forward to returning to pre-pandemic activity levels of 15 or more per week as ASNA slowly returns to normal operations.


As of May 3rd, LUYE volunteers trapped 149 unfixed cats for spay/neuter, which included 77 males and 72 females.  Another 7 cats were trapped but discovered to be already sterilized — so they received their eartip and vaccinations while still under the effects of anesthesia.  Their eartip will prevent another mis-trapping adventure as they now are clearly identified as fixed.

With about 30 more surgery days scheduled through December, LUYE anticipates completing up to 450 spay/neuter surgeries in 2022.  Our work makes a significant impact on reducing the number of unplanned litters entering our shelter each year, saving tax payer dollars and avoiding the high risks associated with the unsterilized lifestyles of free-roaming cats.


LUYE is one of several TNR groups in our region supported by the ASPCA Spay/Neuter Alliance (ASNA) in Asheville.  We’re proud to say that 15% of ASNA’s community cat packages were provided free of charge to LUYE cats in 2021.  They do a phenomenal job:  LUYE’s 474 sterilized cats in 2021 were only 2% of ASNA’s total workload!

The community cat package includes surgery, rabies vaccination, distemper/FVRCP, ivermectin injection, and eartip.  LUYE adds 30-day flea control before surgery and addresses any issues noted by clinic vets.  MEOW!!


Our mission is possible thanks to the hands-on volunteers whose efforts result in fewer litters entering the county shelter and rescue facilities like Feline Urgent Rescue (FUR).

You may know LUYE’s Eartip Team from their volunteer time invested with other groups in addition to LUYE, for which they contribute as follows:

Karen Crutchfield, traps ferals/food bags/social media

Carolyn Foster, traps ferals/webinar lead/social media

Sydney Klocke, board member/FUR liaison

Hank Kumpf, board member/transport driver

Susan Kumpf, board member/cattery operations

Nancy Lopeman, traps ferals/food deliveries

Kelli Miller, board member/county shelter liaison/neonatal care

Mark Moffitt, website administrator

Donna Murray, board member/neonatal care

Bonnie Regan, traps ferals

Donna Slesinger, traps & feeds ferals/monthly food deliveries

Donna Surles, traps & feeds ferals

Leslie Rose, monthly food deliveries

Pati Benton, photographer

Our mission is possible thanks to the generous supporters who underwrite LUYE programs, keep our van on the road, cat chow delivered to large eartipped colonies, and free wormer and parasite solutions in the hands of those who care for our community cats and eartipped colonies.  You make us PURR!!!!

Community cats hunt prey and stop at food bowls in their territory. Note tipped left ear.