Do you live in Haywood County NC, feed outdoor cats, and are interested in improving the health of your large colony?  Meow!!  Call 828-550-3662.

Tell us your name, address, and the number of outdoor cats that you are feeding, and whether all have been spay/neutered and vaccinated.  If any have an eartip, then great!  Tell us!  LUYE’s Wellness Program provides parasite control to keep outdoor cats flea, tick, and worm free.  Treatment is based on weight, so guesses are OK.


If you live in Haywood County NC and enjoy spending time with outdoor cats, then consider becoming a LUYE volunteer!  LUYE volunteers deliver cat food, help transport cats in traps (or sometimes carriers) to a local vet for urgent care or follow-up, take flyers door-to-door to promote events, assist at monthly wellness clinics around the county — and more.  Your love of cats makes all the difference in the world.  Call Susan at 828-550-3662 and let’s get started.


“Not my cat” is the phrase most frequently uttered by colony feeders.  LUYE understands.  Community cats hunt prey and stop at food bowls in their territory.  Cats choose you, not the other way around.

We value our relationships with cat lovers who absorb the bulk of costs for their eartipped colony but who need help with wormer, flea & tick control and an occasional bag of dry cat chow to boost nutrition.  Your support makes a healthy difference for community cats and the hands that feed them.

LUYE does not charge for its services.  All donations are appreciated and put to immediate use.  Help a cat with a mouse today!   Donate online or mail your support to  LUYE, P.O. Box 366, Clyde NC  28721


for TRAP-NEUTER-RETURN (TNR), call 828-276-3447

Haywood County’s experienced trappers sterilized/vaccinated/eartipped over 2,000 outdoor cats during their four years of TNR under LUYE’s nonprofit.  The work continues!

Call or text 828-276-3447 to add your name to colony feeders awaiting clinic appointments.

Be assured that the 2022 wait list is in trappers’ hands, waiting for appointments.