If you live in Haywood County NC and feed outdoor cats, call the LUYE Helpline at 828-550-3662.  Provide your name, address, and the number of outdoor cats that you are feeding.  LUYE’s team will assist as best we can in the order that requests are received.

Lend Us Your Ear (LUYE) provides rabies and distemper vaccinations, worming and parasite control, and a cropped or tipped left ear at spay/neuter surgery.

Weekly appointments are limited. We transport every Tuesday morning with returns on Wednesday. Our clinic partner is the ASPCA Spay/Neuter Alliance (ASNA) in Asheville NC.

Need shelter assistance?  Call Haywood County Animal Services at 828-456-5338.



Scientific studies show that cats are part of our natural ecosystem and do not significantly impact wildlife populations.  TNR stabilizes outdoor cat populations.  Indoor/outdoor owned cats need TNR when other options are limited.  Every cat counts!  Learn more about community cats from Alley Cat Allies.

LUYE’s community cat spay/neuter/vaccination package is the service most frequently requested by our neighbors.  Second comes parasite control.  Third is cat food to feed new litters and large colonies.  You can help.

Juvenile spay/neuter or sterilization at four months of age prevents first heat – and first litters.   Shelter cat intakes would plummet if most of Haywood County’s kittens were sterilized by four months.

Haywood County is home to dozens of large community cat colonies, many of which reside in economically challenged neighborhoods and mobile home parks.  A colony size grows exponentially without timely spay/neuter, outstripping nature’s food bowl and forcing supplemental ones.

Neighborhoods and rentals that permit or tolerate pets without the support of a county mandatory spay/neuter ordinance often experience unplanned litters.  Kittens are socialized but then left behind to join other cats when soft-hearted feeders move away.  Though prohibited by law, cats – especially pregnant females – are abandoned roadside or at the end of its stretch, forcing them to re-home near reliable food and water and begin a new colony.

Free-roaming cats congregate where the hunting is good and the living is easier.  Residents always will find cats when they live in low-lying areas near fresh water and on higher ground with conditions that attract a cat’s favorite prey.   We welcome calls when un-tipped cats are seen roaming or eating in your neighborhood.  The cats depend on your call to take the first step in wellness:  spay/neuter.

Our volunteers have TNR’d cats in each of the settings described above.  We join the efforts of good neighbors who care for (and about) the cats in their community.

We value our relationships with cat lovers who absorb the bulk of costs for their eartipped colony but who need help with wormer, flea control and occasional nutrition support.  You can help.




“Not my cat” is the phrase most frequently uttered by colony feeders.  LUYE understands.  Community cats hunt prey and stop at food bowls in their territory.  Cats choose you, not the other way around.

Our community cat package is free and includes the left ear tipped.  Your support makes a healthy difference for community cats and the hands that feed them.  All donations are appreciated and put to good use.  Thank you!

Help a cat with a mouse and donate online or mail your support to  LUYE, P.O. Box 366, Clyde NC  28721

For more information, please visit our Facebook page or GuideStar by Candid.