Trap Neuter Release Haywood County NC. Please call our Helpline 828-550-3662 and leave a message. Include your address and the number of outdoor cats that you are feeding.


LUYE ROARS April 2020

Dear Cat Lover, LUYE’s Eartip Team is staying home during the coronavirus pandemic. Suspending our work means dozens of unwanted litters will be facing homelessness and health challenges in the months ahead. This puts more stress on our team, our county shelter, on local rescues, and on colony feeders (and their neighbors).We are gratified that … Continue reading LUYE ROARS April 2020

A Familiar Pattern without TNR

A multigenerational colony grows unchecked with kittens in heat at 4 months and first litters delivered at 6 months. Upper respiratory infections (URI), flea anemia, intestinal parasites, and low weight are common. Unplanned/unwanted litters are given away unfixed or sent to the county shelter. Neonatal and at-risk kittens strain limited foster space. The shelter begins … Continue reading A Familiar Pattern without TNR

Not All Litters Are Abandoned

Knowing cat behavior helps keep field litters united with their lactating mothers until weaned at 8-10 weeks. Q: What are the biggest threats to outdoor kitten survival? A: The top two: 1) exposure to harsh weather 2) misguided humans Not all litters are abandoned! Momcats move babies from soiled nests more than once because predators … Continue reading Not All Litters Are Abandoned

Thank you for a Happy LU-YEar!

Because of you:  Another 579 outdoor cats proudly wear an eartip. That’s how many spay/neuter surgeries LUYE completed last year because of YOU.  Most of the 349 females LUYE has spayed since October 2018 would have delivered at least one unwanted litter without your help. Cats can multiply and so can we: Take 349 females x … Continue reading Thank you for a Happy LU-YEar!

Community Appreciation

We appreciate all the support from our community.

The Gifts of the Magi

Domestic cats were rare in Judea. This must be true since there is no word in ancient Hebrew for a ‘feline friend’ or house cat. But you can be sure there were cats taking care of business just outside Judea’s doors. We know from ancient records that Egyptian palace workers watched the diet of their … Continue reading The Gifts of the Magi

Thank you for your support